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Joker quotes Lebensweisheiten, Sprüche Zitate, Hintergrundbilder, Heath 99 BEST JOKER QUOTES ON INTERNET THAT MAKES YOU LOVE HIM MORE. Batman Joker Zitate, Heath Ledger Joker Zitate, Düstere Zitate, Beste Zitate, Worte. Gemerkt von Joker Quotes - Arthur Fleck/Joaquin Phoenix Quotes. Oct 16, - Best Joker Quotes. The Joker - Heath Ledger Quotes Best Joker Quotes. The Joker - Heath Ledger Quotes. Why So serious Quotes. Batman. The Joker - Heath Ledger quotes. Why so serious Quotes. Joker Qoutes, Best. Saved from restauranttaco.be Most followed people on Instagram. View photos. - Joker Quotes: QUOTATION – Image: As the quote says – Description Joker Quotes (60+ Quotes).

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#Famous #quotes #boxes #famous Joker Quotes Worldwide truth Quotes Boxes You number one source for daily inspirational quotes saynings famous quotes. Batman Poster Joker Quotes Heath Ledger XXL Over 1 Meter Wide 1 Piece Poster Art Print.: restauranttaco.be: Küche & Haushalt. Batman Joker Zitate, Heath Ledger Joker Zitate, Düstere Zitate, Beste Zitate, Worte. Gemerkt von Joker Quotes - Arthur Fleck/Joaquin Phoenix Quotes.

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Bitte melden Sie sich an, um eine Bewertung als Missbrauch zu melden. Sie haben bereits bei einem früheren Besuch Artikel in Ihren Warenkorb gelegt. Der Link wurde an die angegebene Adresse verschickt, sofern ein zugehöriges Ex Libris-Konto vorhanden ist. When humiliation and suffering become too much to bear, he picks up the gun and resorts to violence.

But I do, and people are starting to notice. Arthur Fleck : You don't listen, do you? I don't think you ever really hear me.

You just ask the same questions every week. Arthur Fleck : Murray, one small thing? Arthur Fleck : When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?

Arthur Fleck : Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there? Arkham Psychiatrist : What's so funny? Arthur Fleck : I'm just thinking of a joke.

Arkham Psychiatrist : Do you want to tell it to me? Arthur Fleck : You wouldn't get it. Arthur Fleck : How 'bout another joke, Murray?

Murray Franklin : No, I think we've had enough of your jokes. Murray Franklin : I don't think so. Arthur Fleck Murray Franklin : I think we're done here now, thank you.

Murray Franklin : Call the police, Gene, call the police. Arthur Fleck : I'll tell you what you get! You get what you fuckin' deserve!

Arthur Fleck : [ in Arthur's notebook ] I just hope my death makes more cents than my life. Arthur Fleck : I killed those guys because they were awful.

Everybody is awful these days. It's enough to make anyone crazy. Murray Franklin : I'm waiting for the punchline. Arthur Fleck : There is no punchline.

Arthur Fleck : Ugh, why is everybody so upset about these guys? If it was me dying on the sidewalk you'd walk right over me!

I pass you everyday and you don't notice me! But these guys? Well because Thomas Wayne would cry about them on TV? Arthur Fleck : I know. Isn't it beautiful?

Arthur Fleck : I haven't been happy one minute of my entire fucking life. Arthur Fleck : I've been the man of the house for as long as I can remember.

I take good care of my mother. Murray Franklin : All that sacrifice, she must love you very much. Arthur Fleck : She does.

She always tells me to smile and put on a happy face. She says I was put here to spread joy and laughter. Arthur Fleck : Have you seen what it's like out there, Murray?

Do you ever actually leave the studio? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody's civil anymore. Nobody thinks what it's like to be the other guy.

You think men like Thomas Wayne ever think what it's like to be someone like me? To be somebody but themselves? They don't. They think that we'll just sit there and take it, like good little boys!

That we won't werewolf and go wild! Social Worker : They don't give a shit about people like you, Arthur. And they really don't give a shit about people like me either.

Arthur Fleck : I know it seems strange, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable. I don't know why everyone is so rude; I don't know why you are.

I don't want anything from you. Maybe a little bit of warmth, maybe a hug, dad? How about just a little bit of fucking decency!

Arthur Fleck : Comedy is subjective, Murray, isn't that what they say? All of you, the system that knows so much: you decide what's right or wrong the same way you decide what's funny or not.

Arthur Fleck : You're awful, Murray. Murray Franklin : Me? I'm awful? How am I awful? Arthur Fleck : Playing my video. Inviting me on the show.

You just wanted to make fun of me. You're just like the rest of them! Arthur Fleck : It's the police, ma'am! Your son's been hit by a drunk driver.

He's dead! Arthur Fleck : I don't want you worrying about money, mom. Or me. Everybody's telling me that my stand-up's ready for the big clubs.

Arthur Fleck : I've got nothing left to lose. Nothing can hurt me anymore. My life is nothing but comedy. Sophie Dumond : Were you following me today?

Sophie Dumond : I thought that was you. I was hoping you'd come in and rob the place. Arthur Fleck : I have a gun.

I could come by tomorrow? Sophie Dumond : You're so funny, Arthur. Arthur Fleck : [ from trailer ] She always tells me to smile, and put on a happy face.

Arthur Fleck : I just don't want to feel so bad anymore. Penny Fleck : I mean, dont you have to be funny to be a comedian? Sophie Dumond : Your name's Arthur, right?

You live down the hall. I really need you to leave, my little girl's sleeping in the other room. Arthur Fleck : Do I look like the kind of clown that can start a movement?

Arthur Fleck : [ from trailer ] I don't want you worrying about money mom, or me. Arthur Fleck : [ after killing Murray ] Good night. And always remember That's li Thomas Wayne : What kind of coward would do something that cold blooded?

Someone who hides behind a mask. Someone who is envious of those more fortunate than themselves, yet they're too scared to show their own face.

And until those kinds of people change for the better, those of us who made something of our lives will always look at those who haven't as nothing but clowns.

Murray Franklin : [ from trailer ] All that sacrifice, she must love you very much. Arthur Fleck : You were the only one who was ever nice to me.

Arthur Fleck : [ he kisses him on the head ] Get out. Murray Franklin : Do I understand that you did this to start a movement? To become a symbol?

Arthur Fleck : Oh come on, Murray. Do I look like the kind of clown that could start a movement? I killed those guys because they were awful.

It's enough to make everyone crazy. Murray Franklin : Okay, so that's it? You're crazy, that's your defence for killing three young men?

Arthur Fleck : No. They couldn't carry a tune to save their lives. Penny Fleck : I never heard him crying, he's always been such a happy little boy.

Arthur Fleck : When I was a little boy and told people I was going to be a comedian, everyone laughed at me.

Well, no one's laughing now. Murray Franklin : And finally, in a world where everyone thinks they could do my job, we got this video tape from Pogo's Comedy Club right here in Gotham.

Here's a guy who thinks if you just keep laughing, it'll somehow make you funny. Check out this joker.

Thomas Wayne : [ after punching Arthur ] Touch my son again and I'll fucking kill you! Arthur Fleck : You know, I do stand-up comedy.

You should maybe come see a show sometime. Murray Franklin : What's with the face? I mean, are you part of the protest?

No, I don't believe any of that. I don't believe in anything. Open Mic Comic : I think most women look at sex like buying a car. You know, like, "Can I see myself in this long term?

We're like, "There's a spot". Thomas Wayne : [ as Arthur is laughing at him ] You think this is funny? Arthur Fleck : Dad, it's me!

Come on! Arthur Fleck : I feel like I know you I've been watching you forever. Arthur Fleck : You're just like the rest of 'em!

Murray Franklin : You don't know the first thing about me, pal. Arthur Fleck : My mom died. I'm celebrating. Murray Franklin : Look what happened because of what you did, what it led to!

There are riots out there! Two policemen are in critical condition Murray Franklin You're laughing. Someone was killed today because of what you did.

Arthur Fleck : [ guffaws ] I know. Thomas Wayne : Gotham's lost its way. Boy's Mother : Would you please stop bothering my kid?

Sophie Dumond : [ are three spots a newspaper headline about the killings of the three businessmen on the subway ] Do you believe that shit?

Fuck them. I think the guy that did it is a hero. Three less creeps in Gotham City. Only a million more to go.

Hoyt Vaughn : How the fuck do I know? Why does anybody do anything? Arthur Fleck : Can I ask you a question?

Arthur Fleck : How does someone wind up in here? Have they all, all the people committed crimes? Carl Arkham Clerk : Yeah, some have. You know, some are just crazy, pose a danger to themselves and others.

Some just got nowhere else to go, don't know what to do, you know? Arthur Fleck : Yeah, I hear you, brother. Sometimes I don't know what to do.

The last time I ended up taking it out on some people. I thought it was going to bother me, but it really hasn't. Carl Arkham Clerk : What's that?

Arthur Fleck : I fucked up. I've done some bad shit. And I've been thinking real hard about it. It's so hard just to try and be happy all the time.

Carl Arkham Clerk : Hey, listen, man, I'm just the administrator assistant. A clerk. You know, all I do is file paperwork.

I don't know what to tell you. But you should see somebody. Carl Arkham Clerk : all right. Here it is. Penny Fleck. Let's see. Carl Arkham Clerk : diagnosed by Dr.

Benjamin Stoner. Patient suffers from delusional psychosis, and narcissistic personality disorder. Was found guilty of endangerment welfare of her own child.

Carl Arkham Clerk : It says she's not your mother. Carl Arkham Clerk : Uh, I'm sorry. They said I can't release these records.

You know, this is not a public forum. Sorry, I get in trouble. I'm sorry. Carl Arkham Clerk : No, man! Let go man! Give it back!

Arthur Fleck : I heard this song on the radio the other day, and the guy was singing that his name was Carnival. Arthur Fleck : Which is crazy, because that's my clown name.

At work, until a little while ago, it was like nobody ever saw me. Even I didn't know if I really existed.

Social Worker : Arthur, I have some bad news for you. I don't think you ever really listened to me. Are you having any negative thoughts? But you don't listen.

Anyway, I said, for my whole life, I didn't know if I even really existed. Social Worker : They cut our funding. They're closing down our offices next week.

The city's cut funding across the board, social services is part of that. This is the last time we'll be meeting. Arthur Fleck : [ pause ] What am I supposed to do about my medication now?

Who do I talk to? Social Worker : I'm sorry, Arthur. Social Worker : How does it feel to have to come here?

Does it help to have someone to talk to? Thomas Wayne : Can I help you, pal? Arthur Fleck : I don't know what to say. Thomas Wayne : Do you want an autograph, or something?

My name is Arthur. Penny Fleck is my mother. Thomas Wayne : Jesus. You're the guy that came to my house yesterday. Arthur Fleck : Yes.

I'm sorry, I just showed up. But my mother told me everything, and I had to talk to you. Batman shouts, "Let her go!

Before Batman shows up to rescue Rachel, the Joker tells her a story:. At the end of the film, it is now the Joker who is dangling near death. He taunts Batman, while accurately describing their dynamic:.

Joker's very first lines in the film are a wonderful encapsulation of his character, uttered as he robs a bank:.

That's the Joker in a nutshell, isn't it? Throughout much of the film, the mob boss known as Gambol has been warring with the Joker, who eventually tricks him into thinking that he succeeded in killing him.

The Joker then gets the drop on him and puts a knife in his face and tells him might be his origin story.

Whether this or the tale he tells Rachel, is the real story, doesn't really matter. It is a stunning bit of acting, during which Heath Ledger utters what are perhaps two of the most famous lines in the Batman film franchise :.

The Joker then kills Gambol with the knife. By Brian Cronin.

Joker is probably the only villain who is more famous among superhero fans than many of the superheroes. Sie haben bereits bei einem früheren Besuch Artikel in Ihren Warenkorb gelegt. Der Artikel wurde dem Warenkorb hinzugefügt. Zur Kasse. Ihr Warenkorb ist leer. Bitte melden Sie Mafia Karte an, um das Produkt zu bewerten. You know, I just

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Quotes Joker Stoner : We went over this, Penny. I'm just ahead of the curve. I was hoping you'd come in and rob the place. Stoner : You also Download Casino Slots by when one of your boyfriend's repeatedly Poppit your adopted son and battered you. She used to work here years ago. Penny Fleck : I mean, dont you have to be funny to be Futbu24 comedian? I take good care of my mother. I'm celebrating. Gary : What the fuck, Arthur? Bitte geben Sie eine gültige E-Mail No Deposit Casino ein. Angemeldet bleiben. Gaming Online Magazine Artikel wurde der Merkliste hinzugefügt. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Neuerscheinungen Bücher Filme Musik Games. Ihr Warenkorb wurde nun mit diesen Artikeln ergänzt. Casino Gaming Supplies Filme Musik Games Mehr Lassen Sie sich inspirieren! Bitte melden 8 Rendite sich an, um eine Bewertung als Missbrauch zu melden. Bitte melden Sie sich an, um Ihre Merkliste zu sehen. Weitere Informationen zu unseren Apps finden Sie hier. Zum Warenkorb. E-Mail-Adresse oder Handynummer. Ihr Warenkorb ist leer. Business | Money | Quotes on Instagram: “Follow Me (@TheJokersQuote) For Daily Motivation And Inspirational Quotes #TheJokersQuote #quote #villain #​. Sep 20, - Best Joker Quotes. The Joker - Heath Ledger Quotes Best Joker Quotes. The Joker - Heath Ledger Quotes. Why So serious Quotes. Batman. Jul 18, - JOKER QUOTES | Joker Quotes | Pinterest | Mindfulness, First place. Joker quotes: Apology and trust quote joker | Quotes , Joker, Past relationship Quotes, Famous Joker Quotes ,Joker toy quote | Inspiration | Joker. ThugLife. Person des öffentlichen Lebens. Joker Inspirational Quotes. Motivationsredner. Jokers. Gaming-Video-Creator. Joker's World. Unterhaltungswebseite. He is Sunmaker Free Games in the same pack as the other cards, but he doesn't belong there. Der Artikel wurde der Merkliste hinzugefügt. I'm a dog chasing cars. CHF Angemeldet bleiben. Zur Kasse. Smile, because it's easier than explaining what is killing you inside. Check out a few more unforgettable Online Video Effects Free from one of 's biggest films.

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